How to get more customers through Google and Facebook

What you will learn in our Free Video

Secret #1

How Google ranks your business and why reviews matter.

Secret #2

How to make sure your customers send you a large number of reviews consistently.

Secret #3

Use Facebook to create hype around your brand and build a community of loyal customers.

“I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ad campaigns anymore to get my business noticed. I simply let my happy customers tell their side of the experience in the reviews. I have been extremely pleased with the tool since there is no training required for my employees and my customers are happy to leave a review on the way to their cars. I’ve noticed that I’m getting 15 to 20 more calls through Google on a monthly basis and I am finally getting patients through Facebook, which is a first for me.”

Dr. Sherif M. Elsaraj,
Owner of Say Cheese Dentistry

“When I started working with Staello I only had 34 reviews and I was ranking really low on the online search results. I was losing a ton of business to cell phone repair franchises, who had opened up after I did. Since using the Staello tool I am at nearly 500 online and I’m the #1 ranked cell phone repair center in the neighborhood. It’s also been amazing how they helped me develop my Facebook page into an online store and promoted my services within my local community. My sales have nearly doubled allowing to open up a second location.”

Nik Touhlov
Owner of illFixIt Wireless